PUBG Mobile v0.9.5 Apk + Data (Lightspeed) Chinese Version || free download ||


PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Apk:- The development for Chinese versions of PUBG Mobile Android and iOS is way ahead of PUBG Mobile’s Global Version. A week ago Timi version with new Map Sanhok and new gun QBZ was released early than the Lightspeed version which was very annoying as PUBG Mobile Lightspeed version is way better than PUBG Mobile Timi version.
And today they officially launched PUBG Mobile v0.9.5 Lightspeed version with Sanhok Map and new Gun! We just tested it and the new map is so good and has lot more loot than other maps. So, the players can enjoy more time while shooting not looting. I’ve also given a link to Download PUBG Mobile Sanhok MapAndroid/iOS.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map (Lightspeed)

What’s New in PUBG Mobile v0.8.6 (Lightspeed)

  • New Map: Finally, we’ve got an idea of how this map plays. Below is a quick-fire roundup of everything that’s new or different about the 4×4 map Sanhok.

  • Weather’s back! – contentious weather conditions like fog and rain have returned. They were unpopular at first, but the hardcore community has been after their return for some time, and we’re personally delighted to see them back and mixing up our playstyles once again.
  • New, but unfinished buildings – unsurprisingly, new building shapes are in the mix, but these could still change before the map launches properly (and probably after it launches, knowing PUBG). Although we still recommend memorising their layouts to get the upper hand!

PUBG Mobile v0.9.5 More Features:

  • Weapon spawns – More gear spawns faster, in brief. Specifically, ARs, SMGs and DMRs are spawned more often, the item spawn rate is up by 5 per cent compared to round 4 of the Sanhok testing, and 8x and 15x scopes don’t spawn at all on Sanhok, other than in care packages.
  • The circle now spawns instantly – no more anxious waiting period before you know where to go. The white circle now starts instantly, giving you an immediate idea of where you need to head next and how long you have.
  • Blue zone time adjusted – the blue zone is also now more “dynamic”, changing where the enxt circle is and the waiting time for it according to the number of players remaining in the game.
  • Red zone frequency has been lowered – The Red Zone is smaller on Sanhok, the centre of it will always appear outside of the white-ringed safe zone too, as it’s designed to make you more at risk outside of the circle.
  • Tweaks to vehicle spawns – Vans now spawn less often. The two-wheeled motorcycle spawns more often. Motorbikes with sidecars have been removed Sanhok. (Hooray!)
  • Duos and Squads added – You can now team up with your pals for 2, 3, and 4-player action on the map, too.
  • Performance tweaks – Ahead of launch, farawar players and vehicle rendering has been changed to improve performance.


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