GTA 5 Unity APK For Android in 50MB | GTA V Unity v1.6

I’ve already posted about lots of GTA Games like GTA SAN ANDREAS IN 400MB, GTA 3 IN 50MB for GTA SA which has good graphics but not that much. But this GTA 5 Unity APK For Android has insane graphics!
But being in beta, it has not much things to do & small place to explore. Its basically a beta of GTA 5 Unity Android development. But still, we can enjoy playing with these Ultra Graphics in android phone.
Installation is also very easy this GTA 5 Android Beta Size is 50MB. You have to install GTA 5 Unity apk & done. You can play it in your Android phone. The graphics are really awesome! Some screenshots are shown below:

GTA 5 Unity Screenshots:

GTA 5 Unity APK Download Link:

A game developer from Iran Mohammad Alizade has developed this GTA V game on UNITY ENGINE for our Android devices.The game is in still development phase. But still, the game is awesome and enjoyable!

Details About The Game:

  • The game is made using Unity Engine.
  • For now, we only get one character right now. MICHAEL  is the only one character available in the game.
  • A Pistol & Ak47 is added in the game.
  • The Graphics is really awesome and enjoyable to play and it looks like real GTA V.
  • It has added a Realistic Road like GTA V.
  • The Wasted scene exactly looks like GTA 5.


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